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Podcast Launch Party Replay

Creative Minds, Brilliant Life

Podcast Launch Party 1/11/2024

As we kick off this new moon, new year, and new energy, it's time to officially declare that 2024 has begun with a burst of creativity. If you've felt the slow start, you're not alone!

Do you consider yourself a creative person? The chat buzzed with responses, affirming that, fundamentally, we are all creatives. Our unique ways of tapping into creativity serve as the inspiration for the birth of this podcast. The goal is simple: to engage in conversations about the creative experience of life, drawing from the inspiring perspectives of those who live life on their terms.

What can you expect from the podcast? Alongside sharing personal insights into the creative process, I will be interviewing a diverse range of creatives, exploring creativity in all its forms. The motivation behind this exploration stems from my experience of extreme creative burnout in my first jewelry business, leading to a deeper understanding of how to keep creativity alive.

(The sound bath has been cut from the recording so as not to violate music copyright laws)


I would love to invite you to join the Creative Minds, Brilliant Life Facebook group. I will be sharing podcast updates, but it is also a place to share creative inspiration in all forms and to keep the conversation going. ​Click here to join the group!​

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