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"I believe it's our mission as artists to bring more beauty and inspiration into the world." - Nicole Gariepy

Nicole Gariepy is a podcast host, jewelry designer, art gallery owner, former ballerina, and artist in all forms who believes it is her mission as an artist to bring more beauty into the world.  Living on the island of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands, Nicole believes that creativity is that spark that lives inside each one of is, and that we are all naturally creative, each in our own way.

After years of living an unfulfilled life, Nicole found herself on a mission to discover what truly lights her up, and in turn what it means to live a beautifully, creative life. This is where she found her joy and a deeper experience of life through creativity. Most people are searching for the meaning of life and the beauty of that is we each get to create it for ourselves. Nicole explores life through the lens of creativity on her podcast, Creative Minds, Brilliant Life (which can be found on all major podcast platforms).

Nicole's jewelry brand, FantaSea Jewelry, is an online shop and brick-and-mortar gallery on the island of St. Croix. 




Listen to the Creative Minds, Brilliant Life Podcast for inspiring conversations with creative minds about the experience of being an artist and creator.  Creativity is a superpower, that spark that lives deep inside each one of us and drives us to create.



Exploring life through the lens of creativity, sobriety, spirituality, and humanness via the spoken and written word.  Check out the blog for more. Book in progress! 



The FantaSea Jewelry brand is a line of fine gemstone and precious metal jewelry, created and designed by Nicole in her brick-and-mortar studio & art gallery in Christiansted. St. Croix. Visit the website or shop in person!


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